2024 Corporation Awardee: CVS Health

CVS Health Awardee


CVS Health is building a world of health around every consumer. Their extensive reach allows them to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare when and how individuals choose. They are on a mission to deliver superior and more connected experiences, lower the cost of care, and improve the health and well-being of those served. 

Guided by its corporate purpose of “Bringing our heart to every moment of your health®,” CVS Health operates under the Healthy 2030 initiative, focusing on four pillars: Healthy People, Healthy Business, Healthy Community, and Healthy Planet. Within this framework, CVS Health demonstrates a robust commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) across various fronts.


CVS Health significantly impacts community health by collaborating and investing in initiatives that advance health equity and improve outcomes. This includes prioritizing underserved communities through grants focused on women’s health, mental health, heart health, disaster relief, and scholarships. In 2023 alone, CVS Health awarded $1.2 million in grants and sponsorships to California-based nonprofits.


For nearly two decades, Project Health has been a cornerstone initiative, delivering vital health services and screenings, primarily targeting Black, Hispanic, and Asian populations in under-resourced communities. This program exemplifies CVS Health’s commitment to addressing health disparities and promoting equitable access to healthcare.


Moreover, CVS Health’s Workforce Initiatives (WI) team partners at local, state, and national levels to develop programs aiding underserved individuals in accessing employment opportunities. These initiatives aim to unlock potential, overcome barriers, and foster meaningful careers, aligning with the broader commitment to DE&I.


The Impact Investment Strategy team focuses on affordable housing, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering positive health outcomes. Through investments exceeding $1.7 billion, CVS Health has created or preserved over 110,000 affordable rental units nationwide, catering to various vulnerable groups, including veterans, LGBTQ individuals, and those facing housing insecurity due to domestic violence or human trafficking.


CVS Health champions diversity in its procurement processes, providing equal opportunities for small and diverse suppliers. Through education, training, and networking, the organization empowers these businesses, fostering economic growth and community resilience.


CVS Health’s approach to DE&I underscores its dedication in creating inclusive economic development, advancing health equity, and building stronger, more resilient communities. With over 1,000 business unit locations across California and 244 active partners, CVS Health is uniquely positioned to drive change and improve the quality of life for Californians.


Through collaborative workforce programs, CVS Health fosters talent pipelines across various demographics, including abilities programs, mature workers, youth, the military community, the second chance population, the faith-based community, and New Americans. In 2023, for example, 24-year-old Macario Harris, who grew up in the California foster system, graduated from CVS Health’s pharmacy technician pre-employment program and was immediately hired to work in a local CVS Pharmacy in Sacramento.


CVS Health’s comprehensive approach to DE&I in California spans workforce development, healthcare access, and affordable housing, ensuring that every community member has the opportunity to thrive. Through these efforts, CVS Health continues to make a meaningful impact, promoting equity and inclusion across the state.