2024 Community Organization: Multicultural Business Alliance

Multicultural Business Alliance Awardee


The Multicultural Business Alliance (MBA) is a collective force dedicated to uplifting small businesses in marginalized communities. They are committed to building bridges and empowering communities through entrepreneurship. In the last year alone, they have created opportunities for small businesses to get certified across multiple government agencies such as the Department of General Services, System Award Management System, and local certifications with LA/SB counties as well as the LA/San Pedro Port. Their mission is to serve the many, not the few, by fostering resilience among struggling industries and providing guidance based on data shared by our partners.


MBA has consulted with over 500 businesses to date this fiscal year, helping build companies from inception and assisting with licensing and permits. They cultivate multicultural business leaders, strengthen businesses, uplift entrepreneurs, and support leaders. Their highly customized Business Academy programming, tailored to the unique needs of small businesses, ensures effective growth and excellence. As a Veteran and women-led organization, they understand the unique challenges faced by underrepresented areas like San Bernardino. Their role as members of the CALOSBA alliance, BizFed board, and affiliates of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce allows them to address issues, propose solutions, and implement action plans to help entrepreneurs across Southern California.


The Multicultural Business Alliance has made significant strides in supporting small businesses and fostering economic growth in marginalized communities. In fiscal year 2023, MBA helped small businesses acquire over $1.8 million in grants and private funding, built over 50 companies from inception, and consulted with over 135 businesses. They provide a platform for business owners to enhance their entrepreneurship knowledge and opportunities, especially during times of crisis and post-pandemic recovery.


MBA’s customized business strategies and assessments break the mold of cookie-cutter approaches, paving the way for effective growth and excellence. Their advocacy efforts bridge the gap between local government and entrepreneurs, creating a thriving, inclusive economy that uplifts communities. By working directly with cities and other nonprofits, we address the needs of underrepresented areas and provide the proper representation for businesses in despair.


Their collaborations with organizations sharing their mission and vision support micro and small businesses through the Business Academy and strategic partnerships. These efforts have allowed them to grow exponentially in 2023, empowering small businesses one voice at a time. MBA is a one-stop shop for all business needs, covering all aspects of business growth with our strategic partners and network. Whether you are a startup or an established business, MBA offers networking opportunities and insights into the current landscape of your niche and geopolitics.